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Perception is reality and what we see is what we believe. When it comes to making a mark in the world, there are three ways to do it – Live it, Love it and flaunt it. When it comes to living it, it is an individual’s choice, and as for loving life, it is again subjective. One can choose to love anything about life. It is the flaunting part that is the key to a man’s perspective about himself and life.


We the LivaStar family help a person to flaunt individual fashion desires. Yes, welcome to all those who have always wanted to live life the way they wanted to. We almost let people live and let live their desires. LivaStore is the place where one would find the think tank of LivaStar fashion. So for all of you who feel that we are a group of dedicated, serious geeks who focus on how best to make a mark, well yes, you are right. But we also are nonchalant, easy and quiet original in our approach. If we had to explain ourselves in eight words it would be


L - Lively,
I - Intuitive,
V- Vibrant,
A- Artistic,
S- Steady,
T- Talented,

In the year 2013, there was an endeavour to make a difference to the fashion world and LivaStar took birth. Since then we have been on an epic ride and beginning as an online trend recommendation engine, the venture furthered to becoming a brand in itself in apparels “LivaStar”.


LivaStar thus started the trend of helping customers to own the outfits of their favourite actors or actresses. Today we are the apparel partners for many Tollywood movies.


LivaStar mainly aims to make the world look beautiful through fashion and gets all the inspiration from its customers. The idea is to endorse the fact that looking like a filmstar no longer is a far off thought. LivaStar can make you like one, with just a click. So come on click away and stay cool through LivaStar !

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